Associate Technical Designer

Ready At Dawn is looking for talented and passionate developers to help us push the boundaries of gameplay, art and story-telling. We are currently developing high profile original titles for both the VR and AAA console spaces.

Candidates must be passionate about gameplay and game development. Associate Technical Designers are responsible for working with programmers, artists, and fellow designers to implement and tune various events and scenarios in levels. They are responsible for documenting new approaches and working with other developers to identify issues and fix them.

This position is both technical and design-oriented; it is intended for entry-level designers with technical skills that are looking to break into the game industry.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Possess excellent communication skills and a positive attitude
  • Desire to work with others in a collaborative, team-driven environment
  • Have experience contributing to gameplay systems (such as player controls, game rules, scripting, weapons, and AI) or game content (such as levels, cinematics, and combat sequences)
  • Experience using 3D content-authoring packages (e.g. Maya or 3DS Max) and/or level editors (e.g. UDK, Unity)
  • Be fluent in at least one programming language or visual scripting system
  • Have a solid understanding of logic and 3D spatial reasoning
  • Possess exceptional problem solving and debugging skills
  • Be able to write well-structured, readable, and efficient scripts
  • Capable of authoring usable technical documentation, design documentation, and test plans
  • Strive to add the extra polish that truly sets games apart

Experience Level:

  • 0-2 years of professional experience.

Additional Skills (pluses):

  • Fluent in Python
  • Fluent in C++


To apply please email [email protected]

Please include the following:
  • The job you are applying for in the subject line
  • Resume / CV
  • Portfolio / Website / Demo Reel
    • Please include an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted