Lead Character Artist

Ready At Dawn is looking for a Lead Character Artist to join us in creating high profile original titles for both the VR and AAA console spaces.

Working together with the other art leads, designers, and animators, the lead character artist is tasked with managing the character art department. The candidate is responsible for the character art team’s creation of visually stunning 3d characters and interactive gameplay models that both closely capture the “look” and artistic style of the concept art, as well as efficiently satisfy all technical engine and animation requirements.

Other than strong leadership skills,  a successful candidate must demonstrate a strong understanding of sculptural form, anatomy, and a familiarity with and ability to work in a wide range of artistic styles. A high attention to detail and strong technical and artistic problem solving abilities are equally important for the position.


  • 5+ years games industry experience
  • Excellent communication and collaborative problem solving skills
  • Strong technical modeling skills (extremely clean mesh, uvs, and scene organization are a must)
  • Full understanding of the character art pipeline and to work with other departments to create efficiencies
  • Strong understanding of game character creation (retopology for ideal rigging deformation and to convincingly support normal maps)
  • Software: Maya, ZBrush, xNormal, Photoshop (or comparable programs)
  • Strong traditional sculpture, drawing, painting, and texturing skills are a plus


To apply please email [email protected]

Please include the following:
  • The job you are applying for in the subject line
  • Resume / CV
  • Portfolio / Website / Demo Reel
    • Please include an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted