Physics Programmer

We are looking for a Physics Programmer to join us in creating high profile original titles for both the VR and AAA console spaces.

The Physics Programmer collaborates with design, engineering, and animation teams to create and develop software tools, applications and systems to assist in game development. An ideal candidate demonstrates strong problem solving skills, the ability to think creatively about highly technical problems, and is capable of communicating effectively with other members of the team that might not be as familiar with simulation-specific issues.

No game-specific coding experience is necessary, but the ability to demonstrate coding skills and present existing work is required.


  • Collaborate in developing our groundbreaking real-time simulation and physics engine
  • Research and implement performance, optimization, memory management and concurrency upgrades to our physics engine
  • Prototype and pitch creative and engine-efficient content solutions for complex physics problems
  • Work closely with artists, designers, and engine/gameplay programmers to develop easy to use technologies and prioritize feature roll-out
  • Debug pipeline issues as needed and propose solutions to solve them cleanly

Position Requirements:

  • Strong understanding of performance, optimization, memory management and concurrency
  • Confidence in using the necessary mathematical tools required: linear algebra, calculus, numerical techniques, etc.
  • Knowledge of C/C++ and Rust and their tool chains and ecosystems
  • Strong balance of technical, aesthetic, problem solving, and communication skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to filter diverse feedback from artists, designers, and programmers and propose effective solutions
  • Ability to quickly familiarize oneself with complex code bases, new languages or unfamiliar coding tools
  • The ideal candidate is able to learn quickly, innovate and introduce new ideas in simulation algorithms and data structures

Additional Skills (pluses):

  • Experience in and desire to drive forward simulation techniques
  • Any additional programming skills are welcomed
  • Passion for and broad knowledge of games and game development, with an ability to critically analyze

Please send samples of your work with your application.


To apply please email [email protected]

Please include the following:
  • The job you are applying for in the subject line
  • Resume / CV
  • Portfolio / Website / Demo Reel
    • Please include an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted