Senior FX Artist

Ready At Dawn is looking for talented and passionate developers to help us push the boundaries of gameplay, art and story-telling. We are currently developing high profile original titles for both the VR and AAA console spaces. As a member of the FX team you will have the opportunity to work on all of Ready At Dawn’s active projects.

Successful candidates are able to quickly understand custom toolsets and deliver assets within the confines of real-time engine constraints. Experience with scripting and gameplay systems are a major plus. The Senior FX Artist possesses the ability to work both independently and in cooperation with the Art Director, Animators, Cinematic Artists, and Designers in the pursuit of their craft. They will be expected to develop visually stunning in-game FX elements for game environments, characters and cinematics as well as contribute to the development and enhancement of particle effect systems, tools, and pipelines.


  • Fluent knowledge of at least one major 3D package (Maya, Max, Houdini, etc.)
  • Experience working with real-time particle and VFX editors in a game engine (Unreal, Unity, or similar proprietary)
  • Efficient organization and communication skills and ability to prioritize and execute ideas within a schedule
  • Responsible for fx look development tests in pre-production
  • Responsible for final finishing on in-game and cinematic fx in full production
  • Excellent technical and artistic problem solving skills
  • Passion for Video Games
  • An excitement for learning and evolving ones craft


  • At least four years of applicable industry experience
  • Portfolio of effects made in real-time engines
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Additional Skills (Pluses):

  • Programming experience
  • Scripting and/or visual scripting experience (Unreal’s Blueprints, etc.)
  • Strong texturing and material skills
  • Fluid simulation experience with Maya, Houdini or equivalent
  • Any other game related art or design experience (animation, modeling, etc.)

Submitted demo reels must include samples of previous work and an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted along with resume featuring references.

Please send samples of your work with your application.


To apply please email [email protected]

Please include the following:
  • The job you are applying for in the subject line
  • Resume / CV
  • Portfolio / Website / Demo Reel
    • Please include an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted