TwitchCon: Charity Decathlon with Deformers!

09/29/16 by Ready At Dawn

On October 1st, Deformers will be arriving at TwitchCon in sunny San Diego to take part in Tiltify’s Charity Decathlon!

The event is located within the Charity Plaza and will be livestreamed on Twitch from 1:00-2:30pm PT. Tiltify has coordinated with multiple sponsors and content creators to raise money in support of these charities:

The livestream will feature your following favorite content creators battling it out in Deformers; the player who wins the tournament will win an extra donation for the charity they represent!

  • Unholy_Temptress twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • Flamesword twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • MKTheWorst twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • Avalonstar twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • FoxTrot44 twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • Aureylian twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • Julia_TV twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • VernNotice twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • Elajjaz twitter-128 glitchicon_purple
  • KiwiFails twitter-128 glitchicon_purple

Hope to see you there!


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