Senior Tools Programmer

Ready At Dawn is seeking a Senior Tools Programmer to work on our new original IP, 3rd person action adventure game for a Next-Generation home console game system.

Tools are a huge part of our production pipeline. We spend a lot of resources and effort on them to make sure our team can iterate as quickly as possible on their work and not have to deal with many of the complexities involved in game development. As a tools programmer you will be responsible for developing and maintaining current and future tools used by content creators.

Qualified Applicants Need:
+ Experience in tools and UI programming
+ Strong math skills (linear algebra, trig, matrix/quaternion math)
+ Fluent in C++, experience with the Maya SDK, MEL, Python and coding plug-ins for 3D-modeling packages a plus
+ Passion for creating and perfecting user-friendly workflow solutions for artists and designers
+ Software: Maya, ZBrush, xNormal, Photoshop (or comparable programs)
+ A strong work ethic and have excellent oral and written communication skills

At least 5 years of programming experience in game development is required.

Submission can be sent by email to jobs