New Slim PSP…with Daxter!

07/12/07 by Ready At Dawn

We were thrilled last year when the new white PSPs were released for the first time in Europe bundled with our first game “Daxter”. Imagine how cool this is that, as Sony announced yesterday, a new slim PSP will be released in September in a limited edition “Daxter Entertainment Pack”. That’s right, not only will you get the super cool “Ice Silver” PSP (who comes up with these names?) but you also get a copy of one of the best games on the platform (we tend to think it’s THE best game on the platform but we’re biased), a 1GB memory stick and a UMD movie featuring “Family Guy”.


You can even plug the new PSP on your TV and play Daxter on a big screen. We don’t recommend doing this with other PSP games though as it tends to make your eyes bleed (JUST KIDDING!!! You will be able to do that with God of War: Chains Of Olympus just fine…ok…sorry…we’d better stop before people take this seriously and other developers start sending us hate mail again).

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